Thursday, December 09, 2010

New romantic movie "Eternal Moment"

A collection of photo stills were released by the production company of romantic movie "Eternal Moment" ("Jiang Ai") on Wednesday, Dec. 8 featuring leading actress Xu Jinglei, reports.

The movie sequel will follow Xu Jinglei's character, Wenhui, and the development of her life over the past 12 years. Xu describes her appearance in the movie as very "comfortable" for she did not need to spend much time on her makeup, instead showing off her natural look.

Twelve years ago, Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng, who just graduated from university, starred in the trendy TV drama "Cherish Our Love Forever" ("Jiang Aiqing Jinxing Daodi"), which won them fame and popularity. Zhang Yibai, director of the TV drama, assembled the original cast to make the movie sequel.

It is due out in cinemas on Valentine's Day 2011.

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