Sunday, December 26, 2010

News : "Twilight Investigation"

Because of "Twilight Investigation", Wong He and Linda Chung became good friends. Although Linda has to film her series, and thus has been unable to make money with He as a couple partnership, He specifically returned to TV City and gave Linda an aroma diffuser as a Christmas present. Linda, who has been throwing up from a stomach flu, was stunned; however, after receiving her present, she immediately gave him a hug. She said, "When I had insomnia, I was planning on getting this--never thought He and I would think the same. He is really attentive; he is my most compatible partner!" When asked what she would getting He, He immediately interrupted, "Free your schedule. Mainland is asking for us to do some stage performances!" With excitement, Linda said that she will have time in the beginning of January--laughingly requesting to "reconcile" with He.

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