Saturday, December 04, 2010

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 is held this Sunday (12/5). Yesterday it was reported that hot favorite Sheren Tang wanted to be TV Queen, so she signed a new contract with TVB, joining the biological sons and daughters.

TVB Production Resources Director (Virgina Lok) attended an event yesterday and denied that Sheren signed a contract with TVB. She said: "Sheren and I have never talked about a contract because she already has a manager. Her manage and I are also friends from Church, so I know her manager is helping her, and did not talk to her about a contract."

Popular drama No Regrets's finale had 3 million viewers, it was said that Shaw Brothers' production I Love HK Live Long Happily also has the character "Miss Nine", but it's not Sheren in the role, instead Maggie Cheung takes over. Producer Eric Tsang expressed that the "Miss Nine" role really suits Maggie because she's already a TV Queen, a super star and will have scenes with Wayne Lai.

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