Wednesday, December 01, 2010

TVB new series "The Truth"

Yesterday Tavia Yeung and Natalie Tong were dressed as administrative staff to shoot TVB new series The Truth in Wan Chai. The scene was about the two chatting on the streets, when suddenly the encountered a psychotic man! The actor playing as the psychotic naked man opened his long jacket when he saw the two girls passed by and revealed his pink underwear. When the two girls saw it, they were so frightened, Tavia then chased after the psychotic naked man and threw her heels at him!

As it was only around 10 degrees C when they were filming, Tavia and Natalie both had on thick scarfs on off-cameras. Natalie's role has a coward personality and because she encountered the psychotic man, she appeared very scared. She said: "Just now when I saw the psychotic naked man I found him really funny. Actually I wasn't scared at all, thinking for a moment, I really haven't encountered such situation in real life!" She said that she has been filming The Truth for 3 months already, this is her very last scene before she's done filming the series.

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