Wednesday, December 01, 2010

JJ Lin's latest album on Dec 8

Before the official Dec 8 release of JJ Lin's latest album, She Says, the Singaporean performer announced that sales of the album have hit the hundred-thousand mark.

Currently listed as one of the hottest-selling album, She Says consists of a compilation of 10 Mandopop hits by Chinese female singers such as Zhang Hui Mei's 'Ji De', Cyndi Wang's 'Dang Ni', and JJ's title track, 'She Says'.

The 29-year-old recently held a autograph session in Taiwan for the album promotions of She Says and announced the piece of joyous news that it has surpassed the 300,000 sales mark. According to the record company, a limited edition version of the CD with a different cover will be released and produced to meet the increasing market demand.

In other related news, JJ reportedly made NTD 7 million ($300,000) in losses as he had to turn down a couple of commercial performances when he was struck with the H1N1 virus. He has now recovered from the flu and is actively promoting his latest music album.

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