Sunday, January 02, 2011

Beijing in March 2011

Yesterday Justin Lo announced at his press conference that he'll be heading to Beijing in March 2011 to start his official development in Mainland. In the recent year, Justin has been surrounded by negative news, and in addition to meeting his Korean girlfriend residing in Beijing, he is starting his departure away from the Hong Kong music industry and into the Beijing market. Yesterday his record company, Gold Label held a press conference for him to announce his temporary hiatus in the HK music scene.

As soon as Justin saw a group of fans who has always loved him, tears instantly came flowing out on his face. He charged off the stage embrace to his fans. At the press conference, a ceremony was in place for Justin to sign with the Gold Label situated in Mainland. Gold Label's CEO gave Justin a key and said: "Relax, already helped you find a house in Beijing."

Justin frankly said that his values has changed a lot, he said: "My family and lover is now in first place. I'm fine with having enough money to use. It is time for me to leave Hong Kong to take a breath. (Are you leaving the HK music industry?) No, it is just temporarily. I have jobs in HK, if want me to write or produce songs, I will come back. (Not singing anymore?) Don't say it like that, just temporarily leave from HK music industry. (When are you going to Beijing?) After my concert ends, I will use a month to prepare. I'll be living in a hotel-styled apartments for 3 months before buying a house."

Crying so much he had nose water coming out, Justin used a tissue to wipe them all away, he said: "Today I have a strange mood, I am happy and unhappy at the same time. Very confused." He stressed that he has been planning to go to Beijing for half a year, asked if he's doing it for his girlfriend? Justin admitted that the majority of the reason is because of his girlfriend. He said that he's often causing misunderstandings with the media, he said this is the last time he'll be meeting the media: "Actually there is slight misunderstanding between us, I know there is one newspaper that has a bias towards me. (Because the newspaper that you want to leave?) 20% of it is, 40% is for music, 40% is for love and I do hope to start a family."

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