Sunday, January 02, 2011

Upcoming World Tour "Jacky Cheung ½ Century Concert"

To go along with his upcoming World Tour , which kicks off this week in Shanghai, Jacky Cheung is releasing his newest Mandarin album after almost 4 years. [TN: his previous Mandarin album was ‘By Your Side’ which was released in early 2007] The ‘first plug’ to his new album is the song "三分拍" which incorporates a Waltz melody – the rhythm is lively, yet elegant, and the lyrics bring forth the artistic concept of a couple dancing the waltz to describe the feelings and relationship between a man and a woman.

Jacky expressed that the new song will be added to the song line-up for his upcoming concert: “As I was preparing for my concert, I listened to this song – the playful melody gives me the feeling of being on stage and also a lot of room for visualizing, so I decided to add the song to my concert line-up. Hopefully this will help everyone imagine dancing on stage.”

Jacky’s newest Cantonese album (which was released earlier this year) contained a song fitting for the Christmas holiday called ‘Everyday is Christmas’. A few days ago, Nokia’s music download service website ( announced that ‘Everyday is Christmas’ was the 10th most downloaded Christmas song in the world this year, joining the likes of classic hits such as Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ (number 1 most downloaded) and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ (number 2 most downloaded) . Jacky is the only Chinese language singer to make it into the Top Ten, garnering praise from many netizens as being “truly amazing.”

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