Sunday, January 02, 2011

Elanne releasing Only Love (唯有愛) first EP

Singer Elanne Kong has been actively working on the Mainland market lately. Next week, she will officially release her first Mandarin EP. For her new song, she challenged herself on challenging stunts, causing overjoy for fans!

On January 5, 2011, Elanne will be releasing her first Mandarin EP in Beijing entitled Only Love (唯有愛). In preparation of the day of release, Elanne held a press conference and said she has been adding to her rehearsals daily: "For the new song, I asked my good friend Sunny Wong to help out, but he didn't give me face. He gave me several challenging stunts to do, one of them is doing the splits, twisting waist, and piggy backing high up in the air. I look like a stunts double!"

Elanne's intense rehearsals have gotten her great physical strength, but to maintain the figure, she will only have to go on a diet: "Doing hell training to slim down. Within this month, I could only eat egg whites and drink vegetable soup. Seeing so many good foods, I have to hold back and not eat it. Very difficult!"

For the new main song of the EP, Only Love, Elanne was shooting the MV in 8 degrees C while wearing revealing waist dance clothing. The director and staff were all praising that she's very professional. Tomorrow, we are stepping into year 2011, she expressed that she hopes to have a break - eat, drink and play. Even if it's just a day, it is enough for her!

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