Sunday, January 02, 2011

Miriam Yeung won 4 awards

Miriam Yeung won 4 awards at the Metro Hits Music Awards. She also received on behalf of her husband Real Ting, the re-engraved edition of "Best Pairing Award" received by VRF back in 2001. At the celebration, Miriam happily said: "Very surprising, I never thought that we'll get a re-engraved edition of this award. My husband doesn't know yet, I plan to place my award and his award together when I get home. See if he will notice it!" When speaking of a magazine report adding rumors for Real, saying that he dated Bernice Liu in the past, Miriam smiled: "Doesn't matter, I know Bernice too. My husband has a handsome outer appearance and Bernice is a beautiful girl, she can be considered a match for him. After all, it's enough that he is currently my husband!" Miriam frankly said that she personally respects the husband-wife communication, so she has not go into the business of Real's past relationships, otherwise he'll keep asking her too.

As her record label East Asia decided to boycott the RTHK Top 10 Chinese Music Awards, Miriam helplessly said: "All stations have given me opportunities in every era. I feel it's a regret and unfortunate." When speaking of the rumors that Eason Chan is moving over to East Asia, Miriam excitedly said that if the rumors is true, then it's really "Capital Artist Comeback Engraved", She said: "Of course I hope so, if it's true, then it's a time where East Asia can really create a legend!"

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