Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New drama "The Rippling Blossom"

Myolie Wu, Michael Tse, Julian Cheung etc went to promote their new drama "The Rippling Blossom" yesterday. Currently filming a drama with Bosco Wong in Mainland, Myolie returned Hong Kong specially just for the event. Asked whether it is convenient for them to date while working, she said: "No! We're really working! (Relationship improved?) Not really! You can't always face someone the entire day, need to switch to other people."

Seeing the pregnant Eileen Yeow, Myolie was hugging and touching her. Asked whether she envies that Eileen is a mom-to-be, she said: "Of course. I'm very happy for her. But it won't be my turn any time soon. I'm very young!" Eileen expressed her due date is in July. Asked whether she chooses to give birth naturally, she said: "I want to try it. My hip is big enough. I will breast-feed, for the good of the baby."

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