Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Upcoming Forensic Heroes III (FH3) TVB series

Initially Charmaine Sheh rushed back from Mainland to Hong Kong to shoot Forensic Heroes III (FH3), but because she accidentally slipped and fell on the ice, she got her joint dislocated. She will have to be in a cast for 6 weeks and was forced to withdraw from taking part in the new series. As the leading actress, Charmaine withdrew on short notice, and the new series already started shooting, Producer Miu Siu Ching is in a great hurry to find her a replacement. Eventually she chose Maggie Cheung to replace Charmaine.

Yesterday Maggie accepted a telephone interview and said: "TVB especially came to find me for this rushed issue, there is no choice, we are all very rushed, but it is a coincidence that it's the right time and a good opportunity. Yesterday Siu Ching Jeh called me to discuss with me for about an hour. Currently, I haven't read the script yet, hopefully both sides will be able to cooperate."

Initially Maggie was suppose to go earn some extra income for the promotion of Lunar New Year film I Love Hongkong in Mainland, but now that she has to replace Charmaine on short notice, she'll have to turn down her other jobs. Maggie said: "This is no big deal, not going to go think about the losses. Will be working on this series for 4 months."

Maggie exposed that back then for Forensic Heroes, she was also invited to participate, but at the time it did not fit on her schedule, so she was not able to participate. She said: "This time, it is my first time as a coroner and it's been many years since I collaborated with Wayne Lai, I believe there will be new sparks."

Also, part of the cast to FH3, Nancy Wu and Aimee Chan were in Mong Kok to record for a Lunar New Year special program. Nancy expressed that although for the new series, there is a change in actresses, the shooting process has not been affected. Nancy expressed it's a pity the opportunity to work with Charmaine is gone, she said: "I haven't collaborated with Charmaine before, we have no fate. I hope to have another opportunity in the future." Nancy also wrote on Weibo expressing that this is her first time collaborating with 'TV Queen' Maggie Cheung, she hopes to have a pleasant collaboration. As for Aimee, she was looking forward in working with Charmaine, but no one can predict accidents, she hopes Charmaine will get well soon and have good health.

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