Friday, January 28, 2011

TVB new series The War At Heart

Yesterday Moses Chan, Adam Cheng and Aimee Chan were shooting outdoor scenes in Tsim Sha Shui for TVB new series The War At Heart. When speaking of the TVB's new boss (Chan Kwok Keung), Moses said: "Just do own part, do the best of myself and do well on the acting." Of course not worried that the new boss is heavy on women and light on men, Moses continued: "At first someone said that TVB is changing bosses, I didn't believe it because I didn't read the newspapers. (Don't know Mr. Chan?) I don't know him, just heard of his name. I personally carry a positive attitude, that everything will be even better. (Will you ask for a raise?) So far so good, I am happy and pleased."

Also at the scene, Adam Cheng said: "Facing ups and downs, running here and there, I will still come back and shoot series. I hope the employee life would be even better, prices run high, TVB earns more, then staff morale will get better."

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