Friday, January 28, 2011

Zhong Shi's New Year's Eve

Korean Idol Band FTIsland arrived at Taiwan last noon and attended Zhong Shi's New Year's Eve special recording. They attracted about 200 plus fans to the airport and fetch them. The airport's glass entrance door broke into pieces due to the large crowd. However fans were ignorant about glass pieces on their shoulders and continued chasing the boys. Luckily, yesterday's weather was cold and fans had extra outerwear on which prevented them from getting injured.

FT Island's youngest member Song Seunghyun was touched because of the fans' passion. Lee Hongki said "Whenever he comes Taiwan, he feels like he's home. If he has the money, he can buy a house in Taiwan!" Leader Choi Jonghun said "Feels like coming Taiwan to shoot a idol drama and challenges himself by speaking Chinese" When asked about the Chinese word which gave them the hardest impression, Lee Hongki answered immediately in Chinese: "Bastard" and said "When learning new languages, it always starts by cursing!" The more he said, the more excited he got and accidentally dropped his cigar box, revealing his smoker identity.

Korea also has the tradition of giving red packets and they are still at the age of receiving red packets. Lee Hongki says "We will usually receive 30,000 Won (about 777 Taiwan Dollar), sometimes we will save or catch a movie." Yesterday was their first time attending a new-year related recording overseas. They sang Love Love Love and 4 more hits.

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