Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcoming drama "Flying Tigers"

Actors from upcoming drama "Flying Tigers" (tentative name) were filming a shower scene yesterday, including Him Law, Vincent Wong, Mr. Hong Kong William Chak, Benjamin Yuen, and Oscar Li. These guys did lots of push-ups before filming to "push" their chest out. But muscle man Him Law was actually a little embarrassed to film shower scenes in front of everyone.

"I never showered in front of this many cameras and people. Every parts must be connected, so I filmed this scene five times," he said.

Known for his 40-inches chest, Him praised other guys for being more muscular. Indeed, Oscar Li, who is more known for playing the Japanese solider in "No Regrets", has a 42-inches chest, beating all males on the set.

Vincent Wong, whose image is usually intellectual and stylish, lost 5lbs for his role and is eating lots of protein to build muscle. He even relates his diet to his dog.

"Now I'm only eating chicken and egg white, eating along with my dog!"

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