Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AYABIE release a live DVD on March 23

The 4-member band AYABIE revealed several projects on Saturday, including an announcement that they are serving as the music directors of a movie being released during Golden Week of this year. Directed by Kiyohide Matsumura, the film is titled "Enishi" and includes all four members of AYABIE in its cast.

"Enishi" stars voice actors Kisho Taniyama and Daisuke Namikawa, actress Mao Miyaji, and AYABIE members Yumehito and KENZO. The other two members of AYABIE, Takehito and Intetsu, have guest roles.

The story revolves around various people known as "shibito," a term referring to those who have been legally declared dead after being missing for seven years. These "shibito" continue their lives in the shadows of society, each with different purposes that lead them into conflict.

AYABIE is providing the movie's theme song "Melody," which will be released on February 23 as their first single since forming as a new band. In late April, they also plan to release a soundtrack for "Enishi."

To celebrate their single, they are holding several events in record stores between February 22 and March 20. They have also scheduled several concerts in those two months.

In addition, AYABIE will release a live DVD on March 23 that contains their concert on January 6 at Akasaka BLITZ, which was the final show of their "Virgin Snow Color 2nd season" tour.

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