Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chinese New Year Big Head Buddha Sports Contest

Yesterday Ella Koon was dressed in a fresh red colored outfit to serve as a guest judge at the Chinese New Year Big Head Buddha Sports Contest. She sent her New Years greetings early to audience. Lately, she has been exposed to many opportunities to earn extra income, Ella admitted that in the year of the Tiger, her career and financial luck has been well and will be celebrating the new year with a fat wallet. She said: "This year is my first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, unfortunately I will be discussing work in the U.S and won't be able to spend the holiday with him. I haven't even planned a gift yet. I know that I'm a girlfriend who is boring and have an ordinary life. Fortunately, my boyfriend understands me. The happiest for me is that I have a break during the New Year to spend with my parents and grandmother. However, for now I haven't planned to bring my boyfriend to meet my parents."

Ella expressed that her boyfriend is half Chinese, half Western and knows about the Chinese New Year traditions. Asked when she's planning to get marry and give out red envelopes? Ella said: "Wah! Never thought about it, absolutely not that quick. Perhaps this is something to happen 9 years from now or even not marrying, that won't be anything strange!" She is worried that she won't be able to handle both work and family in the future, can just choose one out of the two because she doesn't mind getting married late. Ella said: "This generation, late marriage is a popular trend. Not marrying or having kids is also nothing strange!"

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