Thursday, August 25, 2011

Andy Lau Tak Wa will be at 68th Venice Film Festival

The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Deanie Ip Tak Han starred A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) qualified for the 68th Venice Film Festival competition, not only fulfilled Director Ann Hui On Wa's Venice Film Festival dream but also sent the classic mother and son pair of Sister Deanie and Wa Jai back in time. Under the director's magic hands, they regained their youth.

The film will premiere globally on September 5. The director even cooked up an unique Sister Peach and Young Master Roger's childhood photo as the film festival promotional poster. In the photo Sister Deanie played Sister Peach, with a long and thick braid and her left arm around Young Master Roger's shoulder. She looked very happy. The plumb Young Master Roger was the eight year old Lau Tak Wa. This master and maid photo not only traveled back in time but also brought out endless warmth.

Reportedly Wa Jai did not have too many childhood photos, so this was an extremely valuable one; Sister Deanie made full preparation for a convincing maid look in the young Sister Peach's photo. She seriously said, "As early as the 50's and the 60's the prime time for Ma Jie, in the 70s Filipino maids flowed into Hong Kong and Ma Jies were gradually phased out. Once upon a time on Prince Edward Road you would constantly run into one or two Ma Jies with a long braid and costume. They were very special and left a deep impression. They became my research targets this time."

Wa Jai looked at this "old" photo that brought him back to his childhood and honestly said it felt very real and warm. He recalled when he was eight and said, "I grew up in a farm village when I was little, I never thought I would have this Young Master aura inside, ha! This photo with Sister Deanie is truly valuable."

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