Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming drama My Wonderful Life

According to the Hong Kong media, Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yan was filming an upcoming drama My Wonderful Life, when eyewitnesses reported that he fought with an extra because he was too engrossed in his role.

During the scene, Jerry's character -- a wealthy second-generation -- accidentally knocked into an elderly; when a passer-by went up to lecture him, the two had an argument before fighting with each other.

It was said that Chen Ming Zhang, the director of the drama, requested for all the fighting scenes to be real. Jerry, who has yet to recover from a previous muscle sprain, accidentally hurt himself again and the extra, who was hit by Jerry's fist, bled from the blow.

Furthermore, the script also required Jerry to endure eight consecutive slaps. The director had insisted on real slaps, causing the actor to bite the bullet to complete the scene.

Previously, Jerry was hit by the lead actress, causing him a three-week toothache, from which he has yet to recover.

Responding to Jerry's injuries on set, his manager said, "Everyone gets injured on set. Jerry thought it's not a big deal. He wants to do his best. To satisfy the director's request, all his fighting scenes were real."

"Jerry does not like being too thin. He would be working hard to gain his weight back," he said, when asked if the actor was under a lot of pressure and had lost weight.

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