Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ella Chen and Hebe Tien is at Catwalk Event

Taiwanese superstars Ella Chen and Hebe Tien of girl group S.H.E were recently in Guangzhou for a catwalk event to promote a fashion brand and to hold a live auction of signed new clothing with proceeds from the sale donated to charity. The catwalk event, held in the evening, was an energetic and romantic-themed affair which included one segment where six models wore masks that hid the two Taiwanese celebrities before unmasking themselves and being introduced to the audience with shouts of their names. While on the catwalk to the flashes of camera lights, Ella and Hebe donned clothing specifically tailored from the fashion label’s chief designer with the aim of exuding personality and self-confidence for a sexy and modern urban image.

While Ella and Hebe were being interviewed by the media at the event side-by-side, Ella remarked that she was currently filming for a movie production alongside Taiwanese celebrities Vic Chou and Xiao Xiao Bin, where she will be playing a tomboyish role. Ella’s current acting activities comes in the midst of bandmate Hebe’s active singing activities of her upcoming solo album My Love for a September 2nd release, almost exactly a year from her debut solo album To Hebe. S.H.E’s third member Selina Jen was unavailable at the catwalk event, but continues to be in the media spotlight with her microblog post announcing news of her approaching wedding, and has been keeping busy with her rehabilitation from a horrific movie set explosion accident ten months prior and preparations for the wedding event to be held in the end of October.

Ella and Hebe continued to spend part of the event entertaining their fans by having close interactions with them and posing with a variety of happy poses to the excitement of fans. The two S.H.E members then ended the event with a successful auction of their signed clothing items and bringing in a generous sum to be fully donated to charity, capping off an evening with a happy ending.

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