Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jay Chou return from vacation

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou was obviously in a good mood, after his return from a 13-day vacation in Europe with rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan. As soon as he stepped into the arrival hall, Jay whipped out his phone and recorded videos of the media.

While he did not admit they were dating, Jay and Hannah were spotted with matching bags, fuelling speculations of their relationship with each other.

On the night he was 'caught', Jay expressed his feelings on stage when he was singing 'The Last Battle'. The singer was performing at the LOUD Music Festival in Hong Kong.

Jay said, "All of you are in my heart, no matter what happens to me. Today, I photographed the paparazzi because I know tonight's concert would put me in a good mood. This song is dedicated to those of you who have not deserted me."

In an interview, Jay let on that he desired to be a father.

He said, "Sometimes when I hold my friend's baby, I would think to myself, 'How good it'd be to have a child of my own.'"

Although the superstar is currently focusing on his career, he hopes to have his own children soon. He did not want to "wait until I'm 40. I'm worried that there'd be a generation gap".

At the music festival, Jay said, "When I have my own children, I will ask him to sing for you guys," sparking speculations that Jay is serious in settling down soon.

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