Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeanette Aw

MediaCorp actress Jeanette Aw has celebrated almost all her birthdays at work since she started acting. And this year is no different.

The actress had spent her birthday (June 28) filming her latest drama, Precious, in Hengdian, China. In the drama, Jeanette plays three different characters -- including a mother-daughter pair -- spanning across three different eras.

Precious is adapted from Ch8's 2008 blockbuster drama Little Nyonya. While Qian Jin's tough personality resembles that of Yue Niang, the former is more outgoing and not as sad.

In a phone interview with xinmsn, Jeanette said, "Almost all of my birthdays were spent on set, since I entered showbiz. I thought things would be quiet because I'm overseas, but it was quite lively."

The production crew had specially prepared a surprise for Jeanette.

On her big day, the actress arrived on set at 4am for makeup. She later shot a kidnapping scene, which made her "feel hot and dirty". The filming only ended at midnight.

Then, the crew suddenly brought out a cake to celebrate her birthday. They even went for steamboat together.

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