Tuesday, February 01, 2011

TVB series 7 Days In Life promotion

Yesterday Steven Ma attended TVB series 7 Days In Life promotion in Tsuen Wan Plaza, but lead actress Sonjia Kwok was absent. The series received high TV ratings, peaking at 36 points and average at 28 points. The cast including Steven, Patrick Tang, Joyce Cheng, Koni Lui and Oceane Zhu expressed their excitement. When Steven learned that some people praised his mystical thief character won a breakthrough, he was extremely happy. However, tomorrow because Lunar New Year is near there will be a lot of viewers leaving HK for the holidays and the ratings will definitely be affected. Steven hopes that viewers can continue to watch the series online.

When speaking of the hot topic of TVB's new boss, Steven has always read the papers, he believes that 6th Uncle (Sir Run Run) and Mona Fong will remain in office, the administrative operations will go as normal. He said: "I hope the new boss can get more resources to shoot series and produce series with more variety of topics. He also hopes the behind-the-scenes staff can get a raise too." It was said, Sonjia, the new boss Chan Kwok Keung and Steven have had rumors before, asked if there will be any impact in future collaborations? Steven calmly said: "They said I'm Mr. Chan's love opponent? That is truly funny! Sonjia and I had rumors in 2001, the issue was 10 years ago, we are now good friends. She also told me to apologize on her behalf that she wasn't able to make it today because she's working in Mainland. (Worried about future job opportunities?) Don't be silly! Shouldn't take rumors too seriously, just for laughs. I will do my part as an artist. Work is work, personal matters is personal. Sonjia had once said that some reporters are blowing things out of proportion, not necessary to care so much!"


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