Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lin Yo-Wei is getting married

Taiwanese actor Lin Yo-Wei is getting married.

News broke two days ago on the actor impending marriage on September 10. Yo Wei confirmed the rumours when the pair posted their wedding photos online days ago, drawing envy from netizens who saw the lovely couple.

Yo-Wei's relationship with girlfriend Angie was exposed last year, when the pair was caught watching a soccer match together.

Yo-Wei had reportedly hinted that weddings bells were ringing, telling best friend, singer Wilber Pan that he "might become a groom very soon."

According to reports, Yo-Wei, who studied fashion design in college, initially wanted to design a wedding gown for his wife-to-be. However, the actor relented when he found out that his girlfriend had eyes for a New York based wedding gown label. The actor then forked out a hefty sum to have four wedding gowns flown to Taiwan.

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