Saturday, August 27, 2011

News : Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan

It was previously reported that Jay Chou and his younger Eurasian girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan, went on a vacation together.

After photos of their intimate gesture in France surfaced a few days ago, Jay had no choice but to indirectly admit to their relationship. Yesterday, Hannah's friend even revealed that the model, who just turned 18, had mentioned many times that she "wants to marry Jay," and even said that she "wants to have his children".

During Jay's concert in Hong Kong, the superstar openly fantasized: "when I have a child of my own, I will ask him to sing for you guys."

According to her friend, after Hannah got to know Jay, the model was said to have stopped appearing at company gatherings and also gave up her idea of getting a tattoo -- as Jay does not like girls with tattoos.

Hannah was said to be in doubt about getting a tattoo and asked for her friend's opinion. At that time, her friend told her, "It's ok if your boyfriend is younger, but if he's older, he wouldn't like it."

Hannah laughed after hearing the answer and agreed, "I don't think he would allow it," and gave up on her idea of getting one.

In response to the report, Hannah's management agency said, "She's already 18. We think it should be fine if her parents do not object to it [the marriage with Jay]."

Jay's recording company JVR Music, on the other hand, said, "No comments to baseless information from a friend."

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