Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tavia Yeung and Sharon Chan attend to a opening ceremony of jewelry store

Yesterday afternoon Tavia Yeung and Sharon Chan attended a jewelry store opening ceremony. The two had on nearly 210 carat diamond jewelries, valued at over HK$56 million. The single Tavia joked that she currently lacks a man who can give her diamonds. Her good friend Sharon expressed when she gets married in the future, she will definitely throw the flower bouquet to Tavia, so she can fulfill her wishes.

Yesterday it was reported that Aimee Chan and Moses Chan established a love nest in Sham Tseng. Tavia said: "I almost thought you all were saying Moses proposed to Aimee! I haven't seen today's reports." Their manager, who was by their side, said the truth was Moses and Aimee were just having dinner at Evergreen Mak's house. Tavia expressed her agreement: "I believe this because I know Evergreen lives in Sham Tseng. The only thing wrong is they lacked a roast goose. If they invited me for dinner too, then the will not be this rumor. However, I had to work. Having dinner is something enjoyable, in fact I often eat in the cafe with Moses, but no one photographs us. We have no rumors in secret." Reporters joked that Sharon should give her boyfriend to Tavia, but both of them said that can't happen. Sharon laughed: "Can't, she doesn't like him. Also regarding boyfriends, two sisters should keep it clear." Tavia said she often have dinner with Sharon and her boyfriend, and hope they can get married soon.

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