Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mag Lam new album "VOCALIST"

Yesterday, Mag Lam held an autograph session for her new album "VOCALIST", attracting over 100 fans to show up and support. Her parents, grandmother and aunt also showed up to support her. After releasing Mag's new album for just a short time (3 days), it has already surpassed Gold (15 000 album sales). Giving her 'a shot of adrenaline in her arm' for the awards at the end of the year, Mag even immediately rehearsed a winner's speech for the awards at the end of the year. But, she denied having most confidence for the TVB Awards. Mag said: "The way I look at every award is about the same, winning awards is a bonus!"

As for having confidence in breaking Platinum (30 000) sales? Mag then said: "Cannot force it, the most important is to sing my own songs well!" She expressed that she has not accepted interviews from TV stations other than TVB, asking her whether having TVB interviews already feels sufficient, Mag said: "I am satisfied with everything, do not need the whole world to know, at most try to go on Weibo!"

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