Monday, September 05, 2011

Carina Lau and Tony Lenug has married ?

Rumours of a marriage meltdown between Carina Lau and Tony Lenug surfaced recently after Carina's futile attempts to conceive a child for her husband. To add on to that, their differences in personalities have caused netizens to speculate that their divorce proceedings are currently underway.

Although Carina has denied the divorce rumour, she hinted at their marital problems and said, "Actually I have problems like everyone else; the most important thing to do is to find a way to resolve the problems."

According to Hong Kong media reports, the couple was said to have secretly tied the knot in Vancouver, Canada back in 1992. Only family members and close friends of the duo were invited to this private function. The couple also managed to protect news of their secret marriage under very strict local privacy regulations.

It was reported that Carina's numerologist previously predicted that she has very strong "peach blossom luck" (referring to an individual experiencing extreme popularity and luck in love matters) in life and will attract many suitors. According to the numerologist, she is also destined to experience two marriages in her life.

Coincidentally, after their secret marriage in 1992 and before they tied the knot in Bhutan in 2008, the pair was frequently rumoured to have gone their separate ways. Speculations were rife about Carina's relationships with other men, and Tony's alleged "affair" with Maggie Cheung.

In order to break free from her fate, the couple, who dated for over 19 years, tied the knot once again in Bhutan to fulfill the so-called prophecy in 2008.

After Carina officially became "Mrs. Leung", she has been out and about seeking for various methods to conceive. The couple has yet to succeed on their attempts to try for a child.

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