Monday, September 05, 2011

JSG Selections Round 2 2011

Joey Yung has successfully lost weight and was dressed in a sexy tight new outfit to attend the JSG Selections Round 2 2011 recording along with Leo Ku, Ella Koon, Sherman Chung, Chilam Cheung, Edmond Leung, Tat Tik and many more.

That night, Mimi Lo and newcomer from 'The Voice 2' Penny Chan served as the MC. First time hosting a large-scale event, Penny was clearly nervous and often NGed. Joey, who was standing in the row behind him, did not mind to help him out as she puts her hand on his shoulder from behind and patted his chest to calm him down. Penny was embarrassed, while Leo Ku standing besides him patted his shoulder to express his support.

As for publicly hugging a guy, Joey quickly clarified. She laughed: "I was just giving him a heart-calming pill! Sexual harassment didn't come to mind. (You were so passionate, maybe he'll get even more frightened?) I just purely, out of a kind heart, patted his chest."

Also, Ella Koon tried to cover her wounded arm and deliberately put on gloves. She expressed she had her stitches removed yesterday already. Being injured for a week, Ella said she had to do everything with one hand, just like a martial artist 'Yang Guo'. Ella was asked if her boyfriend helped her shower? She said: "Of course not, I don't need his help, very awkward. He does help me by supporting my arm and feeding me."

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