Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charlene Choi's at an international film festival

Charlene Choi's first time walking the red carpet at an international film festival was unexpectedly met with many foreign media "taking a fancy" of her, calling out her English name left and right, making her pleasantly surprised. And with the applause after the movie premiere resonating for over 5 minutes, it is no wonder that Ah Sa was touched to the point that tears formed in her eyes. As well, Deanie Ip even specially made an appearance to show her support.

At the last minute, Ah Sa gave up going to Sham Shui Po (in Hong Kong) to purchase a tailor-made gown, and instead wore a brand name black gown with a gold train to officially step foot on the Venice Film Festival red carpet with partner Eva Huang, showing their beauty. Jet Li, who has not attended an international film festival for 10 years, made the exception to make an appearance this time, and even obliged to every fan's request.

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