Saturday, September 17, 2011

News : Film "MY KINGDOM"

Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) starred action film MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) will soon be released. In the film they played a pair of brothers. Earlier they were even interviewed together and talked about the joys and the pains of the production.

As soon as Wu Chun spoke he said it was very tough because he had to fight in every scene. In many scenes he even had to use weapons to fight. Han Geng chimed in and said that fighting in costume in particular was very uneasy. Which one of them was a better fighter? They looked at each other and laughed. Han Geng mischievously said, "Both can fight, in the film." Did they suffer any injury? Wu Chun pointed out that minor injuries were definite, but none that hindered the production progress. Han Geng also revealed that in one scene Wu Chun bruised his mouth. Only then did Wu Chun remember and praised Han Geng's professionalism because after treating the wound he insisted on working.

Although they had emotional scenes with Big S, they did not have any rumor. Instead Wu Chun and Han Geng to be "broke back" online in the Mainland, claiming that they hid in a room to cultivate their feelings.
Han Geng explained that before the shoot they went to a restaurant and booked a private room to dine and chat in order to understand each other, it was not living together in a room as rumored. Wu Chun also clarified that although they stayed at the same hotel, they did not share a room. However after working together they became good friends. Han Geng took one look at Wu Chun and said, "I feel we are very similar, the same type of people. We are both very introverted and don't say much. We warm up slowly to strangers."

This time was Han Geng's first film. He even received Big S's final kiss before her wedding. He said, "Big S is quite a professional. She didn't mind any problem like that. The wedding didn't affect her." He also said that if the character and the script called for it he would work on another kiss scene. Did he catch the acting bug? he said that this time he made a movie by chance but ultimately singing was his favorite. If he had a chance to make a movie, he would still try again.

As for the memorable part of the production, Han Geng revealed that on one scene he worked for 72 hours. With Wu Chun the Beijing Opera make up alone took two hours. Wu Chun said that because he had to keep his mind on the martial art action as well as the Beijing Opera make up, and the high demands of the director, he could only do his best to coordinate with action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo.

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