Monday, September 05, 2011

JSG Selections Round 2 2011

Yesterday Raymond Lam, Joey Yung, Ella Koon and many more singers took part in the JSG Selections Round 2 2011 recording. Surrounded by rumors, Raymond was recently said to be pursing a Hong Kong girl and met flight attendant Sally through a friend gathering.

Towards the rumors that he's pursing flight attendant Sally? Raymond helplessly said: "It's interesting that just having dinner and karaoke with friends can turn into news! Perhaps whenever I have a friend of the opposite sex appear with me, then there is just more room for stories to develop. I will not reduce friend gatherings with the opposite sex, just normal socializing. Friends are either male or female, even if I just invite a male friend out, they can still bring female friends along with them." Asked if the rumor frightened his female friend? He said: "More like frightened me! This time, it really is just a friend gathering."

Will he consider finding an official girlfriend and cut off all those rumors? Raymond said helplessly: "Even if I do have a girlfriend, people will still write about me. If the rumors keep going like this, then my circle of friends will only get smaller."

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