Saturday, September 17, 2011

New movie film "MY KINGDOM"

Wu Chun, Han Geng two nights ago appeared in Kowloon Bay to attend the film MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN)'s premiere and attracted over 100 fans. However, Han Geng was ahead in popularity. The screams of both groups were deafening!

Wu Chun and Han Geng played games with fans and picked up spears to compete intense. However, with their chemistry they of course thought it was no big deal. They later also posed with spears. Wu Chun jokingly played Sun Wukong and looked convincing.

In addition, suspected Wu Chun nude photos were found online. Wu Chun was very surprised and said that he never saw them or posed for them. He asked whether they were just film stills? Reporters explained that someone probably doctored the photos. Wu Chun jokingly asked whether the person in the photo had a good figure. He even said that actually he would not pose nude. Earlier Mike Ho (Hor Kwun Cheung) had nude photos in his picture book. Wu Chun also had a fit physique but he said that he would not make a picture book. Even if he showed he would in a movie. Wu Chun asked Han Geng whether he would (make a picture book)? Han Geng said that he would not because his figure was not good.

Would Wu Chun bare all like Tony Leung Chiu Wai in LUST, CAUTION (SIK, GAI)? Wu Chun said, "It would depend on the movie and the level, I haven't thought about this now. Each actor at different level ould have different mentality, like new actors would want to make more movies, but later they would want to accept greater challenges." He felt that he could accept the soldier scene in BRAVEHEART because it was not dirty. Han Geng also agreed that it would depend on the character and the movie.

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