Saturday, September 17, 2011


Elanna Kong Yeuk Lam in the Herman Yau Lai To directed new film GO GUI OI CHING (HIGH LIFT LOVE) played a weightlifter. In order to coordinate with the weightlifting athlete image, Elanne gained weight and everyday practiced weightlifting for three hours. For the ideal result, even after the shoot she did not dare to rest at home as she continued to keep eating and doing push ups.

In one scene Elanne participated in a weightlifting contest and needed to truly lift up 30 kilogram weights. Before the shoot the director asked her many times whether she was confident that she would succeed. She said, "All the tough training is for this scene to be realistically made, in addition during practice I was able to lift it successfully." Yet during the official shoot, when she lifted up the weight her arms had no strength to support it, her hands loosen and the weight dropped on her back, putting her entire body on the ground.

After the fact she was still frightened. "When I fell on the floor I screamed. The director and the crew were very nervous. Everyone ran over but didn't dare to move me. The director immediately called for an ambulance but I felt I could still move. So I told them to let me rest for a while before deciding." However the director was still worried and decided to halt production, demanding her to go to the hospital to be examined. Luckily she only injured her muscles and not her spine.

Thus Elanne quickly put on bandage, took some pain medication and returned to the set to continue the shoot. She believed that this was the most painful film production experience in her career.

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