Saturday, September 17, 2011

News : "Lives of Omission"

Michael Tse's role as Laughing Gor in Lives of Omission has been a big hit, had high ratings and received TVB's special treatment by hosting a celebration event. On the contrary, Steven Ma's The Life and Times of a Sentinel also had high ratings on the finale, but was not treated the same way. Steven wrote on Weibo expressing his feelings that TVB plays favoritism. When Michael learned that Steven had this reaction, he said "If he really thinks this way, then his thoughts are not mature enough. It's like a child blaming parents for not buying toys for them to play with. For a series to be popular, it depends entirely on the numbers and audience response, it does not rely on self-bragging."

As for Steven, yesterday he took part in Eileen Cha's radio interview. When speaking of the rumors that he is planning to terminate his contract with TVB early, he said: "There are some things I'm still discussing with the company and it is not convenient for me to say too much now." He said he is the 'mother's boy' in TVB and has never thought of leaving the company. He also denied that he's on bad terms with TVB executive Virgina Lok.

Yesterday Virgina reveals she has not receive Steven's request for early contract termination. Regarding the incident that Steven felt displeased by someone turning down his new series Legend of Yuan Empire Founder, Virgina expressed it was because of issues in the contract conditions and the group of executives couldn't accept either. Later, the issue was settled with investor Tsui Siu Ming and eventually the plans for that series ended. Virgina frankly said she knew long before Steven had a knot in his heart, but she already made efforts to comfort him and hope to resolve his issue. Another TVB executive, Tsang Sing Ming, explained that Lives of Omission is the highest rated series so far this year and the film version had to be promoted, so more activities were planned for the series.

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