Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Kelly new album

In 2005, local singer Kelly Poon emerged as the female finalist on ChU's singing competition Project Superstar. After she was signed onto a recording company, the singer successfully released three albums in Taiwan.

After three years of absence from the music scene, Kelly is starting anew with a new recording company and a new EP titled Super Kelly.

During her interview with xinmsn, Kelly -- who recently returned to Singapore to promote her new EP - admitted that the inspiration for this new album came from her life experience, including a relationship where she dated a guy who was two-timing her.

The singer revealed that in the three years, in which she dated her ex-boyfriend, there would constantly be third-party involvements. While Kelly chose to tolerate his actions initially, she finally could not take it anymore, and ended the relationship.

"Till this day, I can't treat him like a total stranger. He's still a friend to me, and I'll give him my blessings. I hope that he's doing well," Kelly commented on her ex.

We wondered if it was difficult for Kelly to survive during the years when she was not working. However, the 28-year-old let on that she still had income, which mostly came from commercial performances.

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