Saturday, September 17, 2011

News : " Men with No Shadows "

Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia Yeung's Men with No Shadows will be replacing Lives of Omission's time slot on Monday. This year Raymond will have to rely on this one chance to defeat Laughing Sir (Michael Tse) in the race for the TV King title. This year Raymond has two series broadcast. My Sister of Eternal Flower only had average public response and the 'Mavis Pan Scandal' really obstructed his spirit. In Men with No Shadows, Raymond plays an unpredictable devil and will often be the 'King of Chok' generating electricity with his 'Red Eyes'.

Men's producer (Poon Ka Tak) strongly supports Raymond. He praises Raymond absolutely has the power to take the TV King title. He said: "Raymond's performance this time greatly differs from his roles in the past. The style is different from the usual him and also he has tremendous changes. He is very mysterious and unpredictable. Raymond really has the talent for performing and has great capabilities to express the characters. Of course there are many good actors in Men too, if it wasn't for Bobby Au Yeung's 'good person' role, it would be hard to convince audience. Tavia Yeung gets stuck in between Raymond and Bobby, really had that subtle chemistry."

Introducing Men with No Shadows, Producer Poon describes the series as suspense: "This is another type of drama, can be considered a fable story. I want to warn viewers that this series is not written based on a true story in society, there is suspense, illusions and while we were producing the series, we had powerful imaginations. So, when you are enjoying the series, do not think about real life, put yourself into the story. If you feel Raymond is a ghost, then he's a ghost. If you feel he's human, then he's human. Just a small spoiler, the series will have an unexpected ending."

Producer Poon described how Men is revolved around the word 'Trial'. In other people's eyes, he is a 100% good person that goes through trials, but actually good people have their weaknesses. You think Devils are frightening? In fact, the Devil in the heart is even harder to resist! Much of what draws people into doing something bad basically comes from the nature of that person. The saying "Cherish the people you have at present", just how many people really know how to cherish?

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