Saturday, September 17, 2011

F ilm LOVE YOU YOU release in mid October

Angelababy (Yeung Wing) and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan starred film LOVE YOU YOU (HA YUT LOK YAU YAU) will be released in mid October. This film has been considered a sequel to SUMMER HOLIDAY (HA YUT MOR MOR CHA), which was also Jingle Ma Chor Sing directed. LOVE YOU YOU was shot on location in Pualu Lang Tengah, Malaysia.

Baby in the film played Xia Mi whose parents died in an accident at sea, thus she hated the sea. After growing up, Xia Mi worked at a law firm and was assigned to an island to investigate hotel boss You Lele's illegal fraud behavior. LOVE YOU YOU was a light romantic story that was created with blue sky, white clouds, and the each as well as a hunk and a beauty.

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