Saturday, September 17, 2011


Rising in popularity with the TVB series LIVES OF OMISSION (CHIM HUNG JUI GIK), Michael Tse Tin Wa yesterday attended an event and met over 100 fans. The finale was aired earlier but viewers generally thought the ending was less than perfect. Tin Wa said, "Such an arrangement was made to leave everyone with a deep impression. Life is imperfect, this way it is realistic."

Tin Wa admitted that the ending was setting up the film version. Tse Tin Wa said, "Who was the person who walked past the last shot in the story, I don't know. The film version will start production at the end of September. The female lead has been rumored to be a new comer.
I don't know who she would be either." Would Fala Chen appear in the new film? Tin Wa said, "I won't eliminate this possibility."

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