Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deanie Ip win the Venice Film Festival Best Actress award

The 63 year old Deanie Ip Tak Han became the first Hong Kong actress to win the Venice Film Festival Best Actress award. Director Ann Hui On Wa also thus decided to change her mind about retirement. Sister Deanie was also the second Chinese to receive this award, as 19 years ago (1992) Gong Li with THE STORY OF QIU JU won the Venice Best Actress.

Sister Deanie was very calm when she accepted the award. She was prepared as she invited a handsome Italian to teach her Italian for her thank you speech. The sponsored jewelry that Sister Deanie wore to the event had security to protect her, thus she had a free Italian instructor on hand. In comparison, A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) director Hui On Wa was even more excited than Sister Deanie. When she learned the event read Sister Deanie's name, she screamed in joy and cheered for her. Hui On Wa said, "I am happy for whoever wins, I also treat it like I won myself."

Hui On Wa once made a promise to herself that if A SIMPLE LIFE won an award in Venice, no matter what award she would retire. However after the ceremony two nights ago, Hui On Wa changed her mind about retirement because she could make many more movies. Thus she was both excited and conflicted.

Andy Lau Tak Wa was A SIMPLE LIFE's investor and lead actor. He deserved some credit. Even his 50th birthday wish was made for A SIMPLE LIFE in hopes of the film winning awards. Although Wa Jai did not attend the presentation, he congratulated Sister Deanie right away. Wa Jai said, "I am happy for Sister Deanie and the director, I also have to compliment the jury. This year many famous international big directors competed with their work, A SIMPLE LIFE still caught attention among strong competition. Sister Deanie's excellent acting stood out and won her Best Actress, the jury truly has a good eye." When Wa Jai celebrated his 50th birthday in Venice in advance he made three wishes, the first was for Sister Deanie to win Best Actress. He said, "The wish came true!"

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