Thursday, September 22, 2011

TVB new series Ladder to Heaven

Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Maggie Cheung and Joel Chan were at the costume fitting for TVB new series Ladder to Heaven. Following the love sparks from The War at Heart, Moses and Aimee, unfortunately were still unable to play a couple in this series. In the series, Moses is romantically linked with Maggie and Aimee has a rape scene with KK Cheung. The two were miserably broken apart by Producer Lee Tim Shing.

Moses laughed: "It is already pretty good that we get to collaborate, I don't feel it's a pity. (Will you tell KK to be lenient on her?) KK is good, I believe he'll look out for her too, no need to tell him. (Will you tryout the scene yourself first?) Choi! Touch wood! (Will you be on the set to supervise?) No, that will just interfere with the shoot, I don't want to distract anyone. In fact, I am already happy to be able to collaborate with her and I will focus on my own acting."

Aimee said she plays a maid and this will be the most miserable role she had so far. She'll get sold to serve KK and gets raped by him. Asked if she's afraid her performance will cause unhappiness for Moses? Aimee said: "Why would he be unhappy? Actually this is the happiest because there are many of them I have collaborated with before and the role is different this time. (Not afraid Moses might get jealous?) No, it's just acting. (Will you tell Moses to tryout the scene with you first?) I will not answer such a naughty question."

It is Joel Chan's official first day back at work after his relationship with Stanley Ho's daughter Florinda came to light. For the series, Joel gained some weight and grew a mustache to match his wealthy businessman role. However, it is not known if TVB is trying to play games with him by pairing him up with an attractive Samantha Ko, rumors can easily stir up anytime. Samantha plays Joel's 3rd wife, which is the same exact role as his girlfriend's mother Ina Chan status in real life.

Joel was asked if he felt TVB is playing games with him? He said: "No such thing. The script was decided by the scriptwriter and producer. The actors are just to do what actors are suppose to do. There series also does not have anything reflecting real life. This time, the wealthy businessman I play is a man mature and a little chubby on the outside. I have currently gained just about the right pounds."

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