Thursday, September 22, 2011

46th annual Golden Bell Awards

The nominees for the 46th annual Golden Bell Awards have been announced! For the Best Actor category, many speculate that it will be a battle between James Wen of “Fierce Wife” and Joseph Chang of “Love You”. Sonia Sui of “Fierce Wife” and Tian Xin of “Who’s The One” are nominated for the Best Actress Award. Check out the list of nominees in major categories below:

GIO (Government Information Office) Minister Philip Yang, former Golden Bell best actor Wu Cheng-Di, former Golden Bell best actress June Tsai, and actor How Yao Yuan-Hao revealed the list of nominees together.

Best Drama:
Somewhere Over The Sky (Hakka TV)
Fierce Wife (SETTV)
Scent Of Love (CTV)
The Invaluable Treasure 1949 (PTS)
Love You (Meng Tian Wen Chuang Jian Zhi)

Best Variety Program:
Big Party (CtiTV)
Million Primary School (TTV)
Super Taste (TVBS)
Tao’s Show (CTV)
Variety Big Brother (CTV)

Best Actor from a drama series:
Jin Shi-Jye / Invaluable Treasure 1949 (PTS)
Joseph Chang / Love You (Meng Tian Wen Chuang Jian Zhi)
James Wen / Fierce Wife (SETTV)
Will Pan / Endless Love (Ke Mi Fu Ya Chuan Bo)
Long Shao-Hua / DaAi TV: Roadside President (Tzu Chi Foundation)

Best Actress from a drama series:
Tian Xin / Who’s The One (TTV)
Sonia Sui / Fierce Wife (SETTV)
Xiu Qin / DaAi TV: I Love US Dollars (Tzu Chi Foundation)
Yao Han-Yi / Somewhere Over The Sky (Hakka TV)
Megan Lai / Invaluable Treasure 1949 (PTS)

Best Host for a variety program:
Li Jing / Super Idol (SETTV)
Hao Jiao Xiang Qi / Super Taste (TVBS)
Matilda Tao / Tao’s Show (CTV)
Chang Fei / Variety Big Brother (CTV)
Chang Hsiao-Yen / Million Primary School (TTV)

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