Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wu Chun latest idol drama "Sunny Girl"

Over the weekend, actor Wu Chun was in Singapore to promote his latest idol drama Sunny Girl, which is currently airing on ChU, and movie My Kingdom.

Wu Chun lived up to his reputation of having a polite demeanour during his interview with xinmsn with occasional laughs and a farewell wave when it was time to go.

In short, Wu Chun was in no way similar to the arrogant wealthy second-generation character he plays in Sunny Girl. Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang stars opposite him in this series and plays the servant girl, whom he "tortured" initially but later falls in love with.

He was worried initially that the actress would be cold and difficult to work with, but his fears were left unfounded. Commenting on his first collaboration with Rainie, Wu Chun expressed that she is very bubbly and easy to get along with.

Wu Chun also gave his "first time" to Rainie, that is, the actor was slapped on the face for the first time in his life.

When xinmsn commented that he should be used to the pain, since he filmed a number of fighting scenes, Wu Chun exclaimed, "That's different! It hurts more to be slapped!"

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