Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Venice Film Queen Deanie Ip

Andy Lau is turning 50 on September 27th. The other night, Andy and nearly 1,000 fans from all over the world celebrated together. All fans vowed to love him forever, touching Andy to tears. The new Venice Film Queen Deanie Ip brought her award with her and gave it to Andy as a birthday gift.

Andy held his 50 Years No Change Everlasting Banquet at the AsiaWorld Expo with 150 tables. Deanie made a special trip to HK just to celebrate with him, she performed the song Celebrity and gave Andy her Venice Film Queen award. Andy happily said he cannot accept this gift because the honor belongs to Deanie and is very meaningful to her. The two pushed the award back and forth until Andy agreed to keep it for two days before returning it to her. Andy expressed he hopes Deanie will take the Best Actress title at the HK Film Awards as well. Deanie returned the wishes and hoped Andy will get Film King. Then the two said it would be best if they win 'Best Film' too (for Simple Life.)

At the party, Andy and 10 other good friends from the industry staged a talk show similar to Club Sparkle. Eric Tsang and Chin Ka Lok hosted the segment with guests including Anthony Wong, Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Hacken Lee. The group joked "If I was Andy Lau", Hacken said Andy loves to shop, so if like to sing, buy a record studio; like films, then start a film production company; if like TV series, then buy a whole TV station. Then we will all be happy and have more things to watch.

When it was Anthony's turn, he joked and said if he was Andy Lau, he would buy a day in Causeway Bay and just go on a date with his wife. The passerby would all be his fans, they can see their idol, so Andy does not need to worry. Fans immediately started screaming when they heard the suggestion and applaud. Anthony continued making witty remarks and said that fans often call Andy 'Leader' (Lo Dai), but in fact Andy should be the President of 'Andy Lau Republic', fans are the citizens. Eric laughed and said Andy is a president, then they are his secretaries.

Friends who were unable to attend including Sammi Cheng, Sandra Ng, Gong Li and Feng Xiaogang recorded clips to wish him a happy birthday. Sammi joked congratulating Andy for turning 80 years old, and said Andy is her mentor. She hopes he'll get thinner and thinner, fitter and fitter.

Fans arranged several performances, like Mid-Autumn Festival dance and 60 people performed I Wish. The most moving moment of the night was when Eric led all fans who were present to put their hands together and promised Andy: "Love you forever!" Andy was so moved, tears formed in his eyes. Finally he performed a few songs like he holding a concert.

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