Monday, October 17, 2011

Alan Tam 61st birthday

On Aug 23, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam celebrated his 61st birthday. Then, it was reported that he was using the banquet to introduce his long-time 'confidante' Wendy and his son Tam Hiu Fung, as part of the family.

However, the report claimed that the birthday banquet was actually a belated wedding banquet instead. Alan's legal wife Sally Yeung decided to reclaim her title as Mrs Tam, by taking an interest in her family matters, because she did not want any misunderstanding that it was a wedding banquet, due to the number of celebrities who were at the banquet that night.

According to an insider, Sally had never asked about Alan's love life and was only in charge of his finances. She would also prepare a cheque for Wendy monthly. The rest of her free time was spent on praying and doing charity work.

It is said that Sally had begun to take control of Alan's finances and had even kept track of the singer's whereabouts. She even used Alan's mother to force her husband into submission.

Wendy might have come between Alan and Sally's relationship, but Alan still respected his wife, because she held control over his assets.

The insider continued, "Wendy thought Sally would allow Alan to marry her, now that her son's already grown up and that they've been together for many years. She was wrong. [Alan's mother] felt that the first wife should have the final say, and would not allow the two women to quarrel. It's not easy for Wendy to wed Alan, as long as his mother is still alive."

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