Monday, October 17, 2011

Hebe tien second solo album

S.H.E. member Hebe Tien held an autograph session to celebrate the successful release of her second solo album yesterday.

During the autograph session, the rising starlet also announced that she will be holding a large-scale concert entitled To My Love for up to 3,000 fans this coming December in Taiwan. The concert marks Hebe's first and biggest concert in her solo career.

When asked if she would invite fellow band mate Selina Jen as her guest performer for the concert, the singer expressed that she would ask Selina about it but she would only appear if her health allows it.

"I will ask her but I won't pressure her (to attend)," said Hebe.

With Selina due to tie the knot on October 31, Hebe was also asked about the bride's wedding preparations.

"There's a professional wedding planner in charge and everything should be proceeding well. Selina shared her feelings on her impending wedding with me but that's our 'sisters-talk'. It's not convenient for me to talk about it."

In response to earlier claims that she had clashed with Selina's fiancé Richard, Hebe said, "I won't be answering questions on these unfounded allegations, but if you (the media) want to continue with these speculations, I can't be bothered about it."

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