Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coco Lee marriage on Oct 27 2011

Singer Coco Lee will be getting married in Hong Kong this coming Thursday (Oct 27).

Not only is she busy with the preparations of her lavish wedding, Coco had even took the time to compose her own wedding march 'I just wanna marry you' and the song was recently leaked to the public.

It is said that Coco personally penned the lyrics to this song, which describes her feelings for her Canadian fiancé Bruce.

The self-composed song was meant to be a surprise gift to Bruce and Coco's happiness was evident from the line, "one love, one dream, one simple song about you & me (sic)".

The song was initially written in English; however, the singer's friends and family later felt that the song should be distributed to the media, so that other couples could also experience the same bliss and happiness in the song. The bilingual artiste heeded the advice of others and decided to pen the Chinese lyrics herself.

"The entire production process went on smoothly. Maybe because the wedding day is drawing near, so I feel that there is not enough time. Luckily, [everything] is completed and I'm satisfied [with the song]," said Coco.

The singer will also make a special music video for the song, after her wedding and a short break. This will be her first job after her marriage and the music video will not only include snippets of the couple's happy moments, but will also have photos provided by netizens.

When asked if she will continue to work after marriage, Coco emphasised that she "will" continue working because she is passionate about whatever she is doing now.

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