Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News : Golden Bell Awards

Taiwanese singer-actor Wilber Pan's Best Actor win at the Golden Bell Awards last week, surprised many. This led to much negativity from the public, including criticisms like "the judges were blind" and "on what grounds [did he win]".

However, Wilber took it in his stride and remained optimistic, causing friends to call him "the male version of Lin Chi-ling" because of his high EQ.

During an interview on Oct 23, Wilber spoke of the criticisms thrown towards him. The actor let on that during filming, he could not cry due to the lack of experience. Then, the director chided him, saying that he could only be an idol.

"I'm not afraid of being chided or tormented. This is a good thing; they motivate me towards my goal," he expressed.

Wilber added optimistically, "Those who criticised me probably never had the chance to watch Endless Love. Maybe this [win] will encourage them to watch how bad I acted in it. Maybe after they finished watching it, they'd think 'It wasn't that bad'. It's a gain for me if people watch my dramas."

In Endless Love, Wilber played a young man, who is looked down upon because of his humble origins. His character bore many similarities to his road to stardom.

"From the time I entered showbiz, I've been verbally put down. When I was a VJ, the director told me off. During Happy Campus, I was yelled at because I didn't know how to position myself. When I released my first album, people laughed and asked, 'Is the record label crazy?' During a screening for Happy Campus, reporters even asked, 'Why am I even here?' It's painful to hear that, but I've accepted it," the actor said.

Happy Campus producer Ke Yiqin, who had watched Wilber's performances over the years, came to the actor's defense, "His performance in Endless Love was natural and in character. Maybe the drama didn't stand out enough, causing many to question his acting. This doesn't mean he's not good."

Wilber had returned to Taiwan from China, and would be throwing a party to celebrate his win. The celebration is said to cost NT$200,000 (S$8,400). In addition, he will also be treating the production crew to a karaoke session.

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