Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan married ?

Recently, the Taiwanese media reported that singer Jay Chou married his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in Europe, and that the pair had went to Japan for their honeymoon.

At an event yesterday, Jay denied the marriage rumour and expressed that if he were to get married, he will not travel overseas to register for the marriage.

The multi-hyphenate also stated that he will issue an official statement to let everyone know about the joyous news.

When he was probed on the matter again, Jay called the reports untrue and did not wish to further comment on it because he felt stupid doing so.

The 32-year-old once indicated that he hopes to marry at the age of 35. He let on that his plans have not changed, so he will only marry two years later. The singer added that he hopes to have children after his marriage.

When asked if he has anyone in mind now, Jay hesitated before replying, "I'll let you know after I think about it."

Yesterday, a netizen claimed that he was shopping at Shibuya, Japan when he met Jay, Hannah and the singer's mother. He also provided a photo of Hannah outside the Disney store in Shibuya.

To that, Hannah's management agency commented, "We will not respond to our artiste's personal life."

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