Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New film : Sleepwalker 3D (Mung Yau 3D)

The Oxide Pang Shun directed film SLEEPWALKER 3D (MUNG YAU 3D) two days ago held a world premiere at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival. He led actors Angelica Lee Sinjie, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, and Huo Siyan in attendance. They enjoyed the film with the media and the Japanese aduience and answered audience questions. Pang Shun even shared his dream. He revealed himself to be a toy fan. In one scene Lee Sinjie threw away a robot toy, which was from his personal collection. He joked, "I believe in real life, Sinjie would very gladly reenact this scene." Sinjie cracked up next to him.

Mainland star Li Zhonghan was asked about working with Sinjie, Huo Siyan and Charlie Yeung Choi Nei. He took the chance to express his love for Charlie. "Sinjie is the director's wife, I didn't dare to have imagine any exchange with her; I have known Siyan for many years. This time she plays a female police officer. I have never seen such a pretty police officer, but I treat her like a little sister; when Charlie disguised herself as a man, I already liked her very much. I have always had a crush on her." Li Zhonghan after the "expression" was so emotional that he was wiping away sweat with tissues. Charlie sweetly smiled in response.

Later when Charlie was asked whether she would accept Li Zhonghan, she said, "Am I silly! He is always saying that, he just like the story in THE LOVER (LEUNG JOOK)! (Is it the first time someone publicly
expresses his love for you?) It's not like that, you are always talking about that. (Every one of your "sisters" are married?) I still have (Valen Hsu) Hui Yu Wan, no matter what I am dragging her in."

Chinese Thai Pang Shun was very concerned about the flood in Thailand and about sheet metal figure. "I asked a worker to watch it over night and told him to leave with my 'collection' if something happens. Actually in the short run I won't go back to live, I can only pay attention to the disaster online!" Boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming came to celebrate Huo Siyan's birthday two days ago.

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