Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Drama : The Ambitious Policewoman

TVB FaDan and Siu Sangs are gradually going up north (Mainland) to develop their careers, which leaves TVB in a bad situation. TVB is starting their plan to seek external assistance in order to fix the situation. In November, producer Nelson Cheung will be starting a new series The Ambitious Policewoman (TAP) (tentative). Initially, the idea was to pair Anita Yuen and Michael Tse up and they can lead the next generation of FaDans, Siu Sangs and the new blood. However, due to Anita's schedule conflicts, TVB invited Niki Chow to replace her role. Anita's policewoman role was tailored for her, but will now have to undergo great changes to fit Niki's character.

Producer Nelson Cheung said The Ambitious Policewoman is actually the police version of TVB's 2010 series Beauty Knows No Pain. The series explores how a policewoman views different perspectives and experiences of modern women in today's society.

Nelson strongly invited Anita to participate in TAP, but despite Anita's interest for the role, ultimately she was unable to make time in her schedule. Niki Chow will replace her as the female lead. Nelson said Anita and Niki's styles are completely different, so when Niki accepts the series, the script will have to go through great changes and tailor the role for Niki. As for male lead, Michael Tse, he will be busy shooting new film Laughing Gor: Potential Criminal, which means he has a tight schedule, but his chances to shoot TAP is high. When the time comes, it will sure be a difficult period for him.

Nelson said TAP is a comedy that will incorporate issues of modern women in the workforce and their lifestyles through police cases. Niki has the 'audience fate' and gives off a refreshing feeling in her appearance on TV, therefore she is qualified for the role. As far as Niki's concern, this is her first time portraying a policewoman, a stylish and cool policewoman. Her pairing with Michael Tse will be a refreshing one. Niki rises to the 'Ah Jeh' level, where she will be responsible to lead her subordinates William Chak and Matthew Ko. Their roles will also have great room for development, they are 'the second tier', hoping to leave a deep impression on audience.

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